BioAcoustically Speaking, Almost Everything is Something Else

Just like optical illusions, your mood and health can be masked by your perceptions

BioAcoustically Speaking
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BioAcoustically Speaking, Almost Everything is Something Else– KeyNote for the Week of November 10th - 16th, 2019

Just like optical illusions, your mood and health can be masked by your perceptions

Color = Turquoise; represented by the note of G - astrologically represented by Scorpio

Mother Nature at Work


A triad of frequencies dance together to make up a common Fall combination: the frequencies for the common cold – Vitamin D and Ascorbic Acid – all come into play during the next few days to take their place in our immune challenges for the season.


As gray skies pervade some of our world, remember that those living in less sunlight need the extra immune boost. For our friends” down-under” who are beginning to enjoy more sunshine throughout the day, do you also experience “summer” colds?   If not, I don’t know how the inter-stellar frequencies account for the influence of frequencies simultaneously all over the world.


Muscles in stress include the levator of the scapula and the tensor fasciae latae (a hip muscle that is not well known), which can cause considerable tightness/lack of mobility in the hip area.  The frequencies associated with the tensor fasciae are here for a continued stay.


Here is a link that can provide more information about the tensor fasciae latae:  Stretches for the tensor fasciae =


Blood pressure issues are just beginning to dissipate. I’ve included an article below in support of heart and blood pressure issues.


You will likely be drawn to turquoise or red/orange this week (depending on your brain dominance).


Q:  Why do you include an optical illusions with the KeyNotes?


A:  I think that many illusions permeate our thoughts about our health, including the falsehood that we should trust the medical community as a whole.  There are thousands of wonderful, dedicated doctors trying to help but there are also many who want to take advantage of your pocket book.


The illusions are just a reminder that what you see is not always the real picture.  Question, Question, Question!