BioAcoustically Speaking, Almost Everything is Something Else

BioAcoustically Speaking
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BioAcoustically Speaking, Almost Everything is Something Else– KeyNote for the Week of July 5th - 11th, 2020

Color = Orange/Yellow (Gold); represented by the note of D# – advancing into the astrological sign of Cancer

We have often said that, BioAcoustically speaking, almost everything is something else.  By that we mean that one frequency can represent many things.


This week’s keynote is a great example of this.  The frequency of marijuana, a medicinal herb, is the same frequency as a natural hormone, progesterone, which varies significantly with the human reproduction cycle.  This may be why some false positives show up during drug testing.  Progesterone is found in both males and females. Low progesterone has the same symptoms as coming down from a marijuana high; you get the munchies.


Progesterone is necessary for the production of sex hormones (to maintain pregnancy) as a support for brain function and a regulator of libido.


The tenets of BioAcoustic Biology have stated for nearly two decades that frequency relationships can explain the connections between many diseases.  For example, BioAcoustics can now show the root cause of between heart disease and diabetes; thyroid and diabetes; high blood pressure and diabetes; blood sugar and brain function; Tylenol and autism.  Conventional science knew these relationships existed but could not explain why they existed.


The concepts of Math as Medicine may help scientists take a leap forward in how disease can be predicted and treated.


Muscles in stress at this time: mostly neck muscles.  It likely not your pillow– it’s just that time of year.


A protein that helps the body use leptin (that dreaded fat storage hormone) is high for the next few days.  Might be a good time to start that diet you have been putting off.  SOC 3 also helps mediate inflammation.