Miracles of Sound Healing – Adrienne’s Story

Sound Frequency Defies the Medical Establishment


“BioAcoustic sound therapy has been a godsend to my daughter Adrienne who has experienced debilitating pain episodes for the past two years. Adrienne spent four months in several hospitals this year alone. There was no determination of what was causing her episodes. No medicines offered relief from her symptoms. She suffered week-in and week-out as she continued to get weaker and weaker. Nothing they had to offer helped.


“I recruited BioAcoustic pioneer Sharry Edwards to help identify the cause of her symptoms and develop sounds to address the causes. She did just that. Sharry succeeded in identifying several very rare type of Parkinson’s that was responsible for the episodes. It is the first time we have had any understanding of what has been causing the debilitating episodes.


“This is the first time we have an approach that is helping Adrienne heal. She has been listening to the tones for several weeks. Her episodes have become less frequent, less severe, her mood has improved and she is now capable of being on her own. Clearly, healing from the inside-out is happening for Adrienne.  More time is needed for her body to come back into balance but the early signs of success are a true miracle.”


Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinson’s Recovery
Adrienne’s Dad


For more details on Adrienne’s story, listen to this excerpt of Dr. Robert Rodgers on one of our previous shows: https://www.dropbox.com/s/71isc47fg4jxhpq/Adrienne%27s%20Story.wav?dl=0


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  • Brilliant and so timely…Thanks
    Would this help my daughter who has Asperger and is 48 years old…Please advise….Blessings!!

    • soundhealth

      Hi Sonia,
      Each case is individual and we never know what the outcome will be.
      We have certainly helped people with Asperger’s before and we are willing to try with your daughter

      What are the symptoms?
      What have you tried before?