Step-by-Step Software Download Instructions

***Please Note: Our programs will NOT work with a MAC operating system, unless you are running parallels with a windows operating system on the parallel.

***30 Day Registration. We provide the free software downloads for the purpose of data collection therefore, the registration is for 30 days. If you do not report back to us about what you are finding your software will not be renewed.

Software – By downloading software and attending class from our site, you agree to provide data to Sound Health.

If you do not supply data, your software will not be renewed. There is a client summary sheet provided on each software download page.

Second Registration, as with Microsoft and most other software companies, multiple registrations are not permitted without compensation to the software developer.​

After downloading, open the software. A registration box will pop up with a 16 digit code at the top. Please email that 16 digit code along with the name of the software to You will then be given a serial number needed to use the software.

Steps to Download and Use Your Software with Resources

  1. Download Audacity (latest version for your system) Click Here:
  2. Download how to take a print using Audacity Click Here: How to take a voice print
  3. Download Abacus Software: This software is needed to examine a vocal print. It uses FFT techniques to convert waves files into numeric data. Identifies frequencies of significant and compares individual wave files.
  4. Download the Sound Health Software you want to use
  5. Download BioAcoustic Basics Text
  6. Download Note Correlate Chart
  7. Download Pastel Folder Here to help you interpret your results OR-

Here is a link to a 3 minute video that shows BioAcoustic assessment protocols: Good Vibrations

Finally, turn in your data to us for our research by downloading the Monthly Client Report Form

More Clickable Resources

How to create a PDF

How to take a voice print with Audacity

Radiation charts

Radical Rescue – bonus software

Breaking The Sound Barriers of Disease – the article Click to Download

Breaking The Sound Barriers Of Disease – the video

Did we forget to remember – the article Click to Download

The Business of Disease – the trailer for the documentary