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Business Game Changers with Sarah Westall

#CoronaVirus: Fast Mutating, Focus on Glutathione & Quercetin, Build Immunity w/ Sharry Edwards

February 11th, 2020

James Marshall's Story - The Creation of Le Ciel

Le Ciel is a song that seems to influence and reverse symptoms that have a pathogenic nature. It is helpful for relieving cold, bronchial, lung and sore throat symptoms.

Le Ciel is a song that was created by Actor and Composer, James Marshall, who thought his life was over after taking the advice of a conventional medical provider. He then discovered Sharry Edwards, the Pioneer of Human BioAcoustics, and turned to her for help. After receiving his health report from Edwards and following her advice, Marshall’s life began to get back on track. It was his wish to then help Sharry, which led to the creation of the song Le Ciel.

Coronavirus Campaign now available on Sound Health’s Online WorkStation – The Portal

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Article: Never Before Released Information Revealed About The Coronavirus

Article: Exploring the Potential to Provide a Novel, Mobile, Non-invasive Approach to the Pandemic Threat from Resistant and Mutating Pathogens via Low Frequency Sound Presentation

Article: The Potential of Math as Medicine

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