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Breaking The Sound Barriers Of Disease™

Exploring the Potential of Math As Medicine with acknowledged pioneer of Vocal Profiling, Sharry Edwards MEd

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This Week's Highlight

Adrienne's Story: The Patient that was Left Behind

“Sharry succeeded in identifying several very rare type of Parkinson’s that was responsible for the episodes. It is the first time we have had any understanding of what has been causing the debilitating episodes.”

For more details on Adrienne’s story, listen to this excerpt of Dr. Robert Rodgers on one of our previous shows!

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PTSD - Wounded Warriors Need Our Help! - Taught by Sharry Edwards

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Technician Course - Become BioAcoustically Informed about Fatigue and Depression

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Sound Health Radio

No Sound Health Radio on October 20th - Bioneers Conference

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Happy Hour Radio

Harmonize Your Hormones - Are your hormones in balance?

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