Students who train in the study of BioAcoustics have the choice of becoming a clinician, researcher, instructor or combination of all three!​

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NEW! Whirlwind - A BioAcoustic Center in Every Community

Saturday, August 15th, 2020 2-4 pm EDT


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BioAcoustic Classes

BioAcoustic Basics Guest

Designed to acquaint the participant with the Sound Health Work Station, also known as “The Portal” –

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BioAcoustic Technician: Bare Essentials

This class is required in order to advance to the BioAcoustic Provider Formulations class. It is designed to acquaint the participant with the Sound Health online Work Station, “The Portal”. Participants will be taught to generate reports, evaluate relevance and working with wave file architectures.

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BioAcoustic Professional

The Professional Seminar course was designed for BioAcoustic Technicians who want to train to become an advanced BioAcoustic Provider in support of health and wellness. Designed to acquaint participants with producing BioAcoustic Management Reports that include frequency-based biomarkers and formulations. Participants are equipped with the knowledge on how to use Tone Boxes.

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Fun Facts

Some of the exciting things going on at Sound Health!
121 Software Available

*The purpose of providing classes and software to the public is for data gathering. Public software contains no frequency equivalents, while the Professional versions contain visible frequency equivalents that are used for research and client tone trials.

558 Annual BioAcoustic Students

We have new students enrolling every month. Join them today and find your place in the world of BioAcoustics! Students who train in the study of BioAcoustics have the choice of becoming a: clinician, researcher, instructor or combination of all three!​

30 Practitioners Listed

These practitioners are hand-picked from our graduates to recommend to clients in the areas in which these practitioners live and work. We want to open a BioAcoustic Center in every community. Start your BioAcoustic career today by beginning our BioAcoustic Basics class.

785 Monthly Video Plays

BioAcoustic enthusiasts love Sound Health because of all of the free education we provide online. Check out our vimeo channel and join the hundreds of people around the world watching and learning today!

Educational Opportunities

Through programs we host, such as The Guardian and the BARA programs, the serious BioAcoustic Researcher / Practitioner can further their studies with topic-specific courses that take place regularly.

Original Updated Textbooks

Sharry Edwards, innovator & director of Sound Health, regularly updates the BioAcoustic textbooks. At Sound Health we are eager to share our knowledge and new wave technologies with the world.

What people are saying about our programs!

Practitioners, former students, radio listeners and clients espouse their gratitude for Sharry Edwards and the fine work at Sound Health.

Some BioAcoustic Success Stories

Breaking the Sound Barriers of Disease

All issues expressed in frequency equivalents.