What is a BioAcoustic Practitioner?

A BioAcoustic Practitioner (also known as a BARA) is a person who is fully trained to support human optimal form and function using BioAcoustic Biology. BioAcoustic Practitioners can compile, understand, and use BioMarker data to reveal potential root cause for each client they take on. Practitioners also have access to Sound Health’s BioMarker frequencies in order to assist clients.*


*Practitioners must follow protocols for data collection in order to assist BioAcoustic Research Associates.


You can read or listen to some of our testimonials/success stories by visiting our Press & Media page: https://soundhealthoptions.com/press-media-page/

How much do BioAcoustic Practitioners charge?

The cost of getting your voice analyzed by a BioAcoustic Practitioner depends on the price set by the BioAcoustic Practitioner of your choosing. You will need to contact them individually in regards to pricing and scheduling an appointment. Find the complete list of BioAcoustic Practitioners, as well as their contact information, below.

BioAcoustic Practitioner List

We are constantly updating our Practitioner List! We also have additional BioAcoustic Practitioners who wish to be left off our list. 

If you do not see anyone near you, please email our Clinical Coordinator at SoundHealthClinical@gmail.com for further assistance.


List is organized alphabetically by state, then countries outside the United States


Tommy Priakos

Pine Bluff, Arkansas

870-534-4123 tapriakos@gmail.com

Renee C. Hilmer

Austin, Texas

512-443-9200 dr@expectachange.com

Yvette Carrie

Snohomish, Washington

425-585-8106 yvettecarrie@gmail.com

Renee Allman

Thousand Oaks, California

310-435-7431 reneeallman@gmail.com

Charlene Hopey

Topanga, California

310-455-7566 chhopey@yahoo.com

Nancy Davich

Portage, Indiana

219-928-8669 qrv23@msn.com

Glenda R. Gordineer

Augusta, Kansas

918-837-0371 grgordineer@gmail.com

Joanne Roland

Perryville, MD

443-693-3546 pathways.to.health@verizon.net

Kathleen “Kaj” Nagy

Natick, Massachusetts


Karen Bainbridge

Kalamazoo, Michigan

269-501-0314 kbainbridge@charter.net

Suzanne Rios

Raleigh, North Carolina

919-463-9788 suzannebrios@gmail.com

Susan Draughon

Pittsboro, North Carolina

919-542-4592 susan_draughon@yahoo.com

Suzanne Carrier

Bow, New Hampshire

603-224-1286 or 603-224-1648 bowcarrier@aol.com

Dorinne Davis

Manilus, New York

862-251-4637 ddavis@thedaviscenter.com

John Grove

Cincinnati, Ohio

513-378-6239 jgrove@grovetransportation.com

Janet Leary

Rocky River, Ohio

440-331-5605 janetleary@gmail.com

Kevin Leary

Rocky River, Ohio

440-331-5605 learypianos@gmail.com

Sharry Edwards

Albany, Ohio

740-698-9119 soundhealthclinical@gmail.com

Annie Palmer

Milford, Pennsylvania

570-296-6046 anniepalmer333@gmail.com

Larry Smith

Columbia, South Carolina

803-361-2934 solarbuilder@icloud.com

Robin Barnes

Franklin, Tennessee

615-474-3678 robinbarnes2@gmail.com

Carol Kuper

Exmore, Virginia

757-442-5873 jckuper@verizon.net

Pauline Ward

Warrenwood, Australia

0437 827 136 paulineward1@bigpond.com

Phyllis Edwards

Parksville, Canada

1-877-263-2482 psedwards2@gmail.com

David Planedin

Comox, BC Canada

250-890-1656 toneovertone@gmail.com

Anita Vanderhaeghe

Scarborough, Ontario

416-580-3900 anita.vanderhaeghe@sympatico.ca