Corona – A Different Approach, Summary and Solution


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This is a following up to our recent article: Coronavirus – A Novel Perspective with Proof



A few weeks ago, I lamented the plight of our political system around the globe, saying that only a world-wide incident would bring us together.  I had hoped it would be an appearance of a friendly group of space aliens.


Maybe that will come soon, but at the moment we have been presented an opportunity to come together as the human race to communicate and progress.


Many times, I have spoken about the difference between callous (meant to fatten pocketbooks) and compassionate, capitalism (for the betterment of all mankind).  That distinction is confronting us today.  I’m getting proposals promising me millions if I help scam suffering populations that are being terrorized (even offers to help sell toothpaste that will prevent the spread of the CoronaVirus).


Treacherously, this virus is short-circuiting lives around the world and it has produced a tailspin of non-options to further control the populace.  It is obvious that the opportunity to use fear of failing health and rationing to further an agenda that is money driven.


Background:  The Institute of BioAcoustic Biology has been posting frequencies to countervail the yearly CDC flu recommendations.  In dealing with this subject we ended up writing an article for Nexus Magazine that showed that frequency could be used to decloak invading pathogens. —Pathogen link:


We started investigating the CoronaVirus (CV) in January 2020.  The math system that we had used for previous flus was not appropriate.  In the case of CV, the mathematical protocols that antidoted the gene, activated the protein simultaneously.  This was a reaction that we had not seen before.  Normally a person is exposed to the gene of the incoming pathogen, which in turn sets up housekeeping within the body and the trouble begins.  In simple terms, the by- products of the gene’s invasion causes the unwanted, negative symptoms.


A closer look revealed that the CV was causing allergen like responses based on the numeric competition between CV frequencies versus the Frequency Equivalents™ of two nutrients:  glutathione and Quercetin – incredibly important supports for the immune system.  Allergy response cells, Mast cells, were also involved.   See previous article – Coronavirus – A Novel Perspective with Proof.  Link:


In addition, we discovered that both the gene and protein were in the same musical scale – 224.  Our general scale that we are accustomed to, is 220/440 as a representative of the musical note of A.  The CV gene and protein were the A and A# of that scale.  That seemed to be a totally improbable coincidence.


The other impossibility was that the proteins were mutating so quickly that it became impossible to create a numeric antidote without causing interference with other formula sets.  There were just too many conflicting possibilities unless we met this pathogen with a BioAcoustic allergen defense that we had already been using with success.


In all the years that I have creating BioAcoustic frequency pathogen antidotes, I have never seen a gene and protein in the same scale, much less made of two tones that were next to each other; contradicting each other. Nor have I ever seen a pathogen react to an allergen antidote.  Since I had been releasing these frequencies to the public for over ten years, I seriously considered the possibility that the CV was man-made.  It was a perfect puzzle; likely created by artificial intelligence.  It was just too perfect.


A strong immune support response seemed a reasonable approach.  Instead of fighting the CV or any new flu, why not prepare the body to not allow a pathogen invasion in the first place?  This approach led us to two important BioAcoustic formulas that together created the signature frequencies for the CV and vitamin C concurrently.


We used the formulations with local volunteers who had a version of the flu.  The result was cessation of symptoms (cough, congestion) plus it caused dry mouth and loose stool; emulating the symptoms of an overdose of Vitamin C.




So to date, we can offer three possible solutions.


  1. Download of Le Ceil created by James Marshall, actor/composer. James is working on a CV specific piece of music that we want to make available ASAP –

Jill Mattson’s Corona Defense music can be downloaded here: Jill created meditation music with the Corona Conflicts frequencies in the background – many versions, download your favorite.


  1. A Corona Conflicts BioAcoustic evaluation available online 24/7 – offers individual vocal profiles dealing with the information we have amassed so far. BioAcoustically monitor your nutritional and immune system requirements under the SERVICES tab.

In additional a BioAcoustic BioMarker bundle has been added over the weekend that includes information about Corona Conflicts, Immune System, allergy responses, individual energy and metabolic systems, radiation exposures and inflammatory status.

 Link to demonstration:


  1. Use this listing of beginning frequencies (see below) in a binaural manner using an online frequency generator:

    1. Use at your own risk. Use biofeedback of oxygen and heart monitoring to check for positive/negative reactions.  Links: and

    2. If you can’t hear the tones of your device. Simply double the frequencies until the tones are perceptible.

    3. For best results only each set of tones separately using the binaural setting.

    4. Each tone should be played no more than one minute per tone

    5. Play each tone through twice, every 2-3 hours or as comfortable

    6. Tones should be low in volume, barely audible

    7. Lower frequency should always be on the A Channel (Ac)











We will add to this list as more information becomes available.


The online Tone Generator should look like this


Additional information


The controversy concerning CV and 5-G and be found here – A BioAcoustic based article was published in Nexus Magazine last August.


Who should we believe?


How to tell the Good Guys from the Bad:


Good guys want what is best for the most people.  The bad guys want what is best for themselves.


Think about the last time someone you loved, betrayed you.  You didn’t know who or what to believe.  You didn’t know if they were telling the truth.  Your wanted to believe but your perceptions put you into a state of contradiction.  That is what our country is going through today as we are being dragged about by some of our leaders.


Bad guys =   share half-truths, withhold info, spin, manipulate, bully, and attempt to maneuver your decisions – they want you to see and accept their “truths”, like the lover who attempts to betrayed you so they could continue their betrayal at your peril.


Good guys = tell all the truth so you can make intelligent, informed decision based on all the information that is relevant to the topic; even if it may not be the best thing for them personally.  When a person loves you, really loves you, they provide all of the pertinent information because they want you to make decisions based on all of the Truth.


What are we supposed to believe?


As sophomoric as the political antics of AOC are, she is unconsciously bringing up a great point about capitalism that Is being overlooked by those in charge but an idea which is slowly becoming blatantly clear to us “deplorables”.


There are actually two kinds of capitalism in this country:


  1. Compassionate Capitalism – for the little people who want to make a difference in their communities and make things better for their families.  In many cases of cases these people are fighting city hall and the tax guys (Lois Learner).  It is common-place for this group to be afraid of the US government bureaucracy.


  1. Callous Capitalism by big corporations is what the little guy in the street doesn’t appreciate because they see themselves being taken advantage of by money grubbing Capitalists who protects their pocketbooks before they support the welfare of the people (Wall Street perpetuates this concept).


The #2 group has been created and is presently being promoted and protected by our own Congress and Executive Branch (pre Trump).  Why else would someone spent millions of $$$ to be put in a position to earn $450,000a year.  There must be another pay off somewhere.  I challenge the people’s media to find it and expose the Truth.


This includes health care, ridiculously inflated drug prices, poisoning of our food supply, investment schemes for the rich and most importantly – a total loss of health freedoms.  Allowing influence peddling, Corporate lobbyists and big money contributions that pollute our political campaigns should not be tolerated.


Government Officials on all levels should Live by the laws/rules they create. Socialism is not the right punishment nor is it the right answer.


Polluted Capitalism is what, we the little people, object to; not the Capitalism that made this country great in its’ beginning.


I believe Trump is the Gunslinger who is attempting to clean up this nation and make us SAFE AGAIN from other nations and peoples; and from unequal laws made by our own lawmakers/breakers.


We may not always like the tactics of a gunslinger but we love the lack of oppression and unencumbered freedom it creates.


My ideal candidate in all of this:  Tulsi Gabbard.  A novel idea – combine Trump (Republican) with Gabbard (Democrat) –  maybe then we can be provided the Truth over threat like the CoronaVirus.


From Online:

The 2020 presidential campaign of Tulsi Gabbard, the U.S. Representative for Hawaii’s 2nd congressional district, began on January 11, 2019. As of January 2020, she was polling at about 1 to 2 percent. Should she win, she would become the first female, Hindu, and Samoan president in American history, and she would be the youngest person to ever hold the office.] She has made reducing military activity abroad a central message of her campaign.]


It is my opinion that Bernie Sanders should run as an independent and teach the Democrat party a lesson in manipulation.




Who are they? =


Miracles of non Medicine = – Doctors who work with us

Sharry Edwards, MEd., Director
Institute of BioAcoustic Biology & Sound Health


©Sharry Edwards™ March 12, 2020

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    Hello Sharry – Please allow me to express my gratitude for all the work you have done & shared with the public. It is most appreciated.

    I am sending this message in hopes of “reaching out” to you to deliver my “voice print” to you. I registered on your site and purchased the appropriate Samson recording mic. I am able to make a single “voice print;” but when I complete the process and download the print; the link to send it to you does not appear. I reached out to your IT technician, Michael, per the advise from your receptionist at your office on Wednesday, March 11th. I also sent him another email today with the sample; but I see you are experiencing challenges of sabotage on your website. I was saddened to see this announcement.

    I am 72 years old; have the flu; PINK EYE; sinus bacterial infection. I am a realtor and was just informed that one of the employees in my office has tested positive for the Corona Virus.

    Should you get this message; possibly you could suggest a way to deliver the Voice Print to your office.
    With Gratitude,
    Susan Shannon

    • soundhealth

      Hi Susan, If Michael has not gotten back to you, please let us know. Our site is up and running now. Thank you!

  • Lisa Clark

    Thanks Sharry! Thank you for your humanitarian efforts! Please let me know when James Marshall finishes his recording. Here in Sarasota, FL there is a large population of people over 65 and COVID19 could hit us hard. I also belong to one of the fastest growing churches in America and I would love to get the treatment song available to our church who has planned to actually help people and not isolate themselves. One of our members owns a rife machine and I am assuming that the machine will work better than the tone generator?

    • soundhealth

      Hi Lisa, either machine will work fine; the tones we provided work best with the tone generator; we did this so that everyone could have access to the frequencies without needing a rife machine.